About Rgi

Robot Graves Industries is

a design and manufacturing studio
located in Manchester, New Hampshire
owned and operated by Alex Paul

At Robot Graves Industries, I create music equipment for myself and for others. Everything I make is designed and produced in small batches. I've been destroying music equipment since 2000, making effective units since 2015, and full time in 2019. When choosing what to make there are two core principles that I use to guide me:


Can I make it with tour in mind? Can it be made with repairs as part of it’s life cycle? Can I make it withstand time?

make it new

Can I twist what exists into something novel? Not just the exact same as someone else?

If I can do both those things with everything I make, then I think RGI will continue to be a force. The future of what I make will probably include getting back into pedals, cabs, guitar bodies, full guitars, and maybe even amps. So long as the doors stay open, RGI will continue to make new and effective equipment

P.S. my band is called Girih.